A new extensive exhibition at the Museum No Hero in the Dutch town of Delden, near the city of Enschede, from April 22, 2023 to April 07, 2024, shows how versatile, qualityful and lively art was and is in Germany's East before and after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Doris Ziegler and Herman Glöckner are also featured in the exhibition, "The Surprise - East German Artists Before and After the Fall of the Wall." To visit the museum's website, which has more information, click HERE.

Also for you to discover: Our edition

Also for you to discover: Our edition " Robert Häusser - Die Welt am Oberrhein"

With all the euphoria for the Bundesgartenschau 2023, which starts on April 14, we would like to remind you of another important cultural project that will run throughout the summer of 2023. The exhibition project " Der Rhein/Le Rhin" is the largest cross-border cultural project on the Upper Rhine this year. 38 exhibition in 3 countries attract with interesting content around the theme of the Rhine.

Last fall, parallel to the opening of the tri-national exhibition series in the Reiss-Engelhorn-Museums in Mannheim, Döbele Kunst published an edition of the 30 most beautiful motifs of the exhibition " Die Welt am Oberrhein" ("The World on the Upper Rhine") of photographs by the well-known Mannheim photographer Robert Häusser. The still available works can be viewed at any time. Feel free to contact us and make an appointment to discover the beautiful, large-format works!

You can find a complete overview of all motifs on our website or read our flyer.

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